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R&D Projects

Horizon 2020 EU supported project

All-in-one machine for hybrid technologies enabling high value added multi-scale integrated micro-optoelectronics mesomorph (2020-2023)

The Mesomorph (project ID: 958417, H2020-NMBP-TR-IND-2020-singlestage) concept provides the means to overcome the following main hurdles:

  • 1. Mesomorph allows to limit the number of micromanipulation tasks by integrating an all-in-onemachine featuring novel processes for the direct creation of functions (electronic, fluidic, optic) directly on a substrate, with a resolution down to 300nm, by combining multi-material addition (Two-Photon Polymerization, Atomic Layer 3D nano printing) and subtraction (Femtolaser micro-ablation) in a selfcontained white room.
  • 2. Mesomorph proposes a scaleup throughput by parallelization and batch processing up to 50k parts/year, leveraging a new multiple micronozzles system to extend the SADALP working area from 10x10mm up to 500x500mm, and concurrently leveraging on the beam splitting technique of a high-power fs laser for ablation.

Innosuisse supported project

Wireless and remote monitoring and treating of bladder functions to relieve the patient’s pain

The goal is to give to Neuro-Urologist Doctors an easy method to monitor and hence to analyze the bladder function of patients with a wireless and catheter less device. This would fulfill the unmet need for a chronic bladder pressure, temperature, turbidity, etc. sensing device in urological fields such as urodynamics for diagnosis and neuro-modulation for bladder control (sensing and actuating).

Based on the proprietary smolsys ltd. IN GLASS Microsystem sealing technology the device can be implanted and when needed removed within the bladder using minimal-invasive techniques in common medical health care use.